Our story is simple... hundreds of our beauty clients were asking for help finding high quality hair extensions. After trialing countless brands, we weren't satisfied, so we set out to create a hair extension brand that we could stand behind.

Our luxury extensions check ALL the boxes that were lacking in our search for the perfect pair!


Freely Extensions are made of 100% Remy Human Hair, no fillers. It can be styled, washed and take heat, just like your natural hair.


Each set of Freely Extensions will fill your entire head comfortably. No need to purchase multiple packs! With proper care, your extensions will last 6-12 months.


Install in 3 easy steps using our simple install technique! 

1. Split, Spray, Snap and go!


Our specially designed clips and unique install technique will keep your hair healthy and strong as your wear your extensions! You can even sleep in your Freelys! 

1. Choose your weight.

Freely Basics or Glam, which weight is right for you?! All Freely Extensions are 20" in length, made from 100% straight Remy human hair, and clip in to provide a full head look. The difference between Freely Basics and Freely Glam is the amount of hair in each weft. No need to buy multiple sets, simply choose the weight that best fits you based on your hair type and desired look! 

Use the guide below.

For those with hair that is fine or regular thickness.

*Not recommended for those with short hair.

For those with hair that is thick or short. Also perfect for those with regular hair looking for a more glamorous look!

Have a question? We're here to help: email us, shoot us a text or contact us on social media! We'd love to chat!

Goodness 220g Goodness 220g
Our Price: $267.00
Peace 220g Peace 220g
List Price: $267.00
Our Price: $267.00
Faith 220g Faith 220g
Our Price: $267.00